I’m L.E. Francis. I write by my initials because I want to avoid awkward water cooler talk. “So you write about lobotomy robots and haunted houses, how’s that working out  for you?”

I have closet full of hats. Some are damn near worn out. Some I really loathe putting on.

I am of the Cascade Mountains. I tried moving once, it ended badly.

I write fiction of various lengths, usually leaning hard on the fantastic or supernatural. I tried writing to a more literary plotline once but then one of my main characters had to look into an urban legend. Then there was this unfolding conspiracy and extraterrestrial involvement and it became an entirely different book.

I write a lot of poetry. I’d call my style “carefully arranged brain vomit.” Sometimes I’ll trigger a panic attack trying to conform to a meter. I cope.

I am very enthusiastic about the creative process. I regularly participate in National Novel Writing Month and other community writing challenges. I also represent the Washington: Elsewhere region as a NaNoWriMo liaison. I try to support independent authors, journals, artists and musicians whenever possible and I’m usually available to help if you have questions or are looking for feedback or beta readers.