15k? No sweat…

I only banked on 15k because my job has me courting an ulcer and my mood has been awful. It was a low-ball goal, but a starting point.

Camp-2018-Winner-Profile-PhotoNow I switch over to trying to pull my cabin out of arrears.

I’m counting all the things, including this post, including the writing critiques I volunteered to offer for a local writer’s organization. If I really wanted to make it stretch I would include all the pieces I’ve written and edited for work in the past month.

This month at work, I’ve email-interviewed a Klingon, an assassin, an emerging artist and a seasoned body percussionist. I’ve written pieces on art walks and classical music, beer festivals and lectures on bees. While I really enjoy a lot of the things I get to write at my day job, the pace has been unreal, and my anxious brain hates letting things go to publication half-ass. The resulting stress level has been crazy.

I’ve spent a lot of time escaping into books and TV when I get home. I’ve watched an unhealthy amount of Supernatural and blown through fantasy novels and philosophy textbooks. I painted a bit, but haven’t picked up my ukulele.

I lost my groove in my workouts but I’m starting to get back into a regular writing schedule. Here’s to hoping things even out and I get more done this month. Hoping to start cutting into abandoned goals of my cabin-mates to bring our overall cabin ratio up closer to 100% by April 30.

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