Editorial services

I’m LE, an anxious Washingtonian committed to chilling the hell out on my own until this COVID-19 thing runs its course. So, I’m considering taking on some editing or beta reading projects over the months of March-May 2020.

What am I looking for? I’m specifically open to is short works in the ballpark of 3k or under words. I may make exceptions if your project is something I’m super into (likely landing in horror or sci-fi subgenres). I may take longer beta read assignments if I’m into it and the time frame is chill.

What can I do? I can do developmental editing, beta reading, line/copy editing or just write you a tidy one-page critique for poetry or flash under 1k words.

What are my qualifications? I’m a working poet, fic writer, and former journalist. I worked in print journalism for four years, including a year as arts & entertainment editor. I have an AAS with a focus in English lit and creative writing. Finally, I volunteer yearly for our local writing org to serve as a judge and critique writer. If you get in touch, I can give you details but err toward privacy in the open online whenever possible.

What do I cost? I’ll do a certain amount of critiques free over the next few months simply because I want to help people stay sane & keep their work going. I’m also not averse to getting into a critique exchange or circle. If you need something more substantial we can talk.

How can you pitch me? Ask me questions or send me some info about your project at elle@nocturnical.com.