Editorial services

I’m LE Francis, a writer & editor living in Washington state — click through for personal info or credentials.

JULY UPDATE: I’m good on my bills & have been able to send some $$ our to support a few political causes, smaller artists, & streamers. However, I had a little less to spread around than usual because I had to buy some books for a novel project I’m working on. So, while it’s a NaNoWriMo month & I’m pretty busy, I could definitely pick up a few smaller jobs if anyone needs a critique or short copyedit. Longer jobs will likely have to be scheduled out into August, but if I finish my draft early (which I’m on track to do) I may be able to pull them in this month.

What I can do

  • Critiques (short stories, some creative non-fic, longer fic manuscripts): I offer a full-page detailed critique for works up to 1k words for $5. Longer works up to 3k words run $10, with 2-3 pages of suggestions. Longer critiques can be negotiated depending on my availability & interest in the draft.
  • Copyediting (short stories, non-fic, longer fic manuscripts): I offer copyedits for works up to 1k words for $5 or works up to 3k words for $10. I may take longer works if I’m interested & will negotiate price depending on the length/needs of the author.
  • Poetry critique: I can critique individual poems up to 700 words for $5 or we can negotiate on a longer manuscript.
  • Structural editing (short stories, novellas, novels): If you need someone to really lean into your work, pitch it to me & we can negotiate a cost.

Clarity on terms

  • Critiques are written explorations of editorial opportunities I find in your work. I am not here to drag you, but help you focus your revisions. I typically use a point-by-point worksheet for these but if you have a specific concern, please let me know.
  • Copyediting focuses primarily on grammatical use, sentence & paragraph structure, & overall structure. I have experience with AP & MLA style conventions & will focus primarily on consistency & effectiveness of grammatical use in fictional works. If you have a particular focus in mind, just let me know.
  • Poetry critique is a special, poetry-focused critique that includes an element of copyediting because it’s important to discuss grammatical choices & consistency when considering poetic works.
  • Structural editing is involved workshopping of your plot, characters, etc. I’m going to focus more on the effectiveness of the story & message than the grammatical conventions.

Cost transparency

I’m basing my token prices on a $10/hr rate & how much time I expect to spend actively working. This rate is slightly below my state’s minimum wage & well below market rates but let me explain why…

I often have very limited availability & may have to schedule projects out weeks or months in advance. My personal workload will always come first & deadlines will be scheduled based on my availability.

Critiques are more of a precursor to an actual editorial process. While I find critique to have a lot of value, you can often find people willing to give you free critiques online. My critiques are structured & take a decent chunk of time so the token compensation is nice.

All things considered, I’m willing to offer editorial services at token prices, but I’m also very limited in what I can offer & when I can schedule new projects. However, if I determine I can’t take your project, I know of several other editors that may be able to help you out — their rates will vary.

Pitch your project

So, what type of projects are likely to pique my interest?

With fiction, I have a lot of love for speculative genres like horror, sci-fi, & fantasy. I’m also willing to copyedit & critique homebrew D&D or Call of Cthulhu materials.

On the non-fiction side, my primary experience is with topics pertaining to arts & entertainment. I’m particularly adept at organizing and parsing articles containing artist interviews. I’m also particularly interested in witchy topics, leftist political thought, & travel.

As far as poetry goes, I like most of it. My favorite themes are the natural world, astronomy, esoteric arts, etc. However, I enjoy analyzing & discussing poetry so I’m open to a variety of topics.

If you have a great idea but have financial issues, let me know. Even my token prices may be negotiable in certain situations.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t come at me with fascist garbage or fucked up abusive shit. You’re wasting your time. I’ve been online for a very long time & I’m not easy to directly upset. All trolling will accomplish is IP bans here & blocks on social media. I will not engage.

If you’ve read all this & have something to pitch, send it over via my contact page.

Like what you see?

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