Here is a run down of my relevant work, volunteer, & education history. I’m keeping things vague for privacy reasons but if individuals are concerned & want details they are welcome to contact me directly.

Work history

I am a former arts & entertainment editor for a small town newspaper. Prior to coming into the editor position, I worked as an arts writer & a newsroom assistant (meaning I juggled several jobs at once, including writing features content). This job gave me the opportunity to learn new writing styles (AP), practice editing, & learn how to interview. It also revived my write-through-the-night-to-meet-deadline instinct from college.

Before the paper, I worked at a foundry as a quality administrator. My job was primarily document control & technical writing. I was in charge of creating process documentation for several departments & maintaining an up-to-date catalog of engineering documents. Unlike the paper, I had no editor there & even a tiny mistake could create a big problem. It was a great opportunity to develop a keen attention to detail.

Other than that I’ve worked a lot of retail & service. So I’m amazing at multi-tasking, working way longer than I was scheduled for, standing on my feet until I can’t feel them, & gracefully dealing with difficult people.

Volunteer positions

I’m currently on staff at Sage Cigarettes Magazine & of course I highly recommend them. Our EIC is one of the kindest folks I’ve met in indie publishing & her vision for the mag is amazing.

I’ve served as a volunteer judge & critique writer for my local writing org’s yearly short story contest from 2018-2020. I read around 30 stories each year, duke it out for my faves with the other judges, & write 5-10 critiques based on the org’s criteria afterward.

I was a National Novel Writing Month municipal liaison from 2016-2018. I helped organize local write-ins & managed some of our socials. I often still participate in NaNo events & am always open to new writing buddies. I’m Wrathchild on the Nano site because I created my profile as a pseudo-edgy teenage Iron Maiden fan.


I have an associate’s degree. It’s not much, but it’s what I could afford. I didn’t qualify for grants, so even an AAS from a CC was a financial & time stretch for someone who was often working 2-3 retail jobs to stay housed.

Related: I JUST paid off my student loans & advocate vociferously for student loan forgiveness & free college.