Published work


Gray sky, empty page” in Marías at Sampaguitas, July 2019

A Pagan’s Book of Days” in Moonchild Magazine, Issue 3 Spring 2018

“Contour” & “From a Flower” in Cauldron Anthology, Issue 4 Spring 2018

“Rebuttal to Lovesick” in Blood Sugar Poetry, April 2018

“brickwork,” “so shy,” “so loved,” “I met a traveler,” “half,” & “Lord Leapt” in Show Your Skin, March 2018

“Under the Sun,” “Study of a Thing,” & “Stupid Flowers” in Anti-Heroin Chic, March 2018

“Birds,” “12:49 p.m.,” “Intro to Irene,” “Gardens,” & “Doomsday” in In the Name of Voice, Volume 1 Autumn 2017

“Heroine” in The Figroot Press, Issue Four, April 2017 (Listen to the poem)