About Us



We work with various materials including but not limited to: found objects and/or junk, lumber, fabric, PLA, canvas, precut wood products, canvas, metals, leather and paper.

As far as 3D modeling and printing go, we use Ultimaker Cura software and an Ender 3 3D printer. We primarily print in PLA.

We'd really love to build a forge at some point in the future.


Our philosophy is simple: life is a mostly suffering and making things is the only sufficient distraction.

We like to keep busy and try new approaches, but we can also be very fickle.

We're likely to spend three months trying to get some detail perfect and then never use the same process again.

The point of this website is to put our findings out into the world. We're here to collaborate, to learn, and to find new ways to create.


We're trailer trash from eastern Washington; elder millenials with little education, tons of ideas and meager disposable income. But this is what we do.


LE Francis

Newspaper arts writer by day, multiple-medium dabbler the rest of the time

I wish I was writing poetry and fiction full-time. I also enjoy painting, knitting, sewing, sketching and playing and writing music.

I love reading and spend hours in thrift stores looking for books when I'm anxious. I'm also a crazy cat lady and likely witch.

I try not to let things bother me but I'm also neurotic as hell. I'm trying to talk myself out of writing this right now but exhaustion and frustration over inertia have won out.


Brandon Bates

Experienced machinist, programmer and 3D artist

Brandon is the more well-rounded and technically minded of the two of us. Yet, he exceeds my fickleness with an utter inability to remain interested in something after he's "figured it out."

He went on a binge creating a collection of lovely cigar box guitars, Diddley bows and basses; amassed a bunch of parts; bought special tools to make the fretboards and then decided to stop. He figured that he had the basics down and there was no point in continuing the endeavor.

I hope to get people interested in what Brandon's doing to encourage him to keep working on the various things he's excellent at.

In case you couldn't tell, LE does most of the writing and editing throughout the website. So, if you see something fucky, let her know.

Do you have an idea for us?

If you have a project that you think we may be interested in, please let us know about it.