Although these long stories have been my primary focus for the last ten years or so, I find it hard to truly wrap these projects up. Any interested readers are invited to query about beta reading opportunities.

In process

Lost Constellations | Novel of the Island #1 | Genre: Dark sci-fi / fantasy | First draft in progress

When Eva Greenblade’s tribe is captured by crown enforcers, her saving grace lies in latent ES talent that seems to grow weaker as she endures separation from her sister and the rigors of the mental programming required for citizen converts.

Trying to hide her slipping mental state, she becomes a council liaison clerk where she meets ES-Dyad Killian Malloy, the biological equivalent of a celebrated Dyadic general. Malloy brings with him a terrible secret translated through the ether near the Dyad training encampment outside the northern capital of Venetia — a secret written off as an overblown conspiracy theory by the council.

Faced with a delicate game of politics as her ES talent wanes and her mental state grows more confusing and complicated — Eva finds herself caught between what is fair and what will keep her alive. 

Created | Genre: Supernatural romance / Contemporary horror | First Revision in process

When indie author Maura Gonne becomes a hostage during a convenience store robbery in Cincinnati, Ohio she encounters a familiar face along with creatures which appear different to each of the hostages.

Intrigued by the encounter and out-of-joint over her dealings with the brash detective investigating the hold-up she tries to untangle the crossed wires between the chaotic and despondent musician William Maradi and his violently poetic shadow Dimetri who is more idea than human being.



The Unravelling of E. Cayne | Genre: Historical horror, 1900s

In 1905, after a disastrous engagement, Estella Cayne’s elderly aunt Magda opts to relocate the young woman to her late cousin’s estate, in the rural community of Galing, Ohio, in hopes of smoothing out Estella’s wild and independent nature. Upon arriving in Galing, Magda becomes enthralled with a mysterious young man the women know only as Ian — she is sure he’s something special and just the type of man to straighten her niece out. But shortly after becoming acquainted with Ian, Magda’s health further declines and Estella begins to look critically upon Ian’s influences and the strange occurrences that seem to happen when he’s around.

The Devil Rode West | Genre: Historical horror, 1900s / Western fantasy

After Branton Blackstone made his way west burying himself in the hard life on the Oregon frontier, he never thought his old demons would come back to haunt him. However, when the enigmatic Cassandra Winterburne turns up and begins dragging the old gods out for sacrifice, he finds that the very things that he thought damaged him, give him the strength to assist with a reckoning that will strengthen a timeline that is about to crumble into oblivioun there in Ponderosa, Oregon, 1908.

Blackstone Acres | Genre: Historical horror, 1920s

After her influential husband Thomas Barton commits her to Blackstone Acres Sanitarium, flapper enginue Alma Barton’s death spiral tightens. After she begins to show signs of physical deterioration, she is transfered to the third floor, the floor the patients know as the one that preceeds the morgue, where she meets a cast of highly troubled and uncannily talented patients that together create a perfect storm of energy that dredges the mouldering depths of the property. Through the doomed patients, the tragic history of the Blackstone family is played out one last time — and upon the same stage Alma and the other patients must make peace with the unavoidable conclusions of their own lives.

Things Left Behind | Genre: Contemporary horror

When Keith Broadwell inherits, among other things, the real estate portfolio of his grandfather, ruthless mogul George Broadwell, he resolves to atone for the many terrible deeds his grandfather committed through refurbishing the dilapidated Forest Pavillions Town Center and rebuilding the community that tore apart around it. But as Keith and his friends, a cast of slackers, artists and sci-fi aficionados, begin managing and remodeling the building they stumble across an old and terrible truth that refuses to be forgotten or reformed.

A Year of Light | Novel of the Island #4 | Genre: Dark sci-fi / Supernatural

When Senya Greenblade again feels the touch of dry land, she finds that politics have shifted in the island kingdom and old alliances come back to haunt her as she is welcomed back as queen of the trecherous court.


Memory Elusive | Genre: Contemporary horror / Supernatural romance

Terri Garnica drinks to forget the life that she lived before moving across the country to dreary Seattle. Yet while her self-medicating habits and abrasive personality protect her from past and present terrors, they also create problems that threaten to send her back home — where time is less linear and past wounds never heal. In a last ditch effort to keep her job, Terri tags along with a group of dysfunctional musicians whose demonst threaten to amplify her own.

Of Dust and Aluminum | Genre: Contemporary horror

Aimless machinist Landon Beem moves home after his life implodes, taking a job at a rural foundry where his younger sister has been working as a temporary office assistant. Opting for the newly established graveyard shift, Beem quickly realizes that there’s more to the job than is initially visible among tiresome office politics and the cringe-worthy mistakes of sloppily trained workers–a tragic history that bleeds through a dense grove of trees from a forgotten building cradled by the wilds. Beem and his friends must struggle with their own demons and the intellect-dampening mire of their day-to-day lives to untangle a tattered and dangerous past that threatens to emerge from the trees and end the quiet flow life in the idyllic riverside town of Hawkton, Washington.

Moonlight on Devil’s Hollow | Genre: Historical horror, Victorian | First revision complete

It’s the spring of 1892 when Elizabeth Blackstone’s son slips into a mysterious coma, and she soon finds that yielding to her scientist husband and his bungling physician is useless. When conventional knowledge fails to help, Elizabeth strikes out on her own navigating a cast of dangerous false prophets and charlatans who ultimately call up the curses that have plagued the Blackstones for over a century, revealing a complicated inheritance that threatens to destroy the entire rural community of Locksport, Ohio.

Bait for the Butchers | Novel of the Island #3 | Genre: Dark sci-fi / Supernatural

When ES-Soldier Renn Larkine goes rogue, infected with the splintered consciousness of ES-outlier and “Devil of the Wasteland” Lord Brentwood, the crown declares war on all outlying clans. Traveling with an enforcement detail headed by her sister, Eva, Senya Greenblade must make sense of her loyalties while navigating the wilds plagued by bursts of clan-crown conflict; Eva’s decaying mental status; and the ever present hunt of the corrupted auto-surgeon units. When the group is splintered, Senya falls in with Brentwood and the most dangerous clan in the wilds and is drawn into the conflict that boils between the ES-gifted, the clans and the crown.

Doctor of the Island | Novel of the Island #2 | Genre: Dark sci-fi / Supernatural

For Senya Greenblade, coming to the City of the Swamp was a necessary act of surrender. A talented empath and healer, she builds a successful career as a surgeon in the old military stronghold at the furthest reaches of the southernmost territory of the kingdom. But when the near-death experience of ES-Soldier Renn Larkine draws her into the below-ground high-security ward and allows her an unfiltered peak into the underlying psychological horrors that the kingdom puts on their clairvoyant military, she finds herself faced with a choice to continue on as a cog in a very nasty machine or to strike out and oppose the same system that has clipped her own wings.