Learn ukulele with me // “Galaxy Song”

Okay, so I was going to go the E minor route — and I have several songs selected to share — but I’m going to wait until next post because I’m now completely engrossed in learning Monty Python’s “Galaxy Song,” and found a great ukulele arrangement on Youtube.

So here’s the link to the arrangement: youtu.be/MV4iMt19RdI

If you’re with me, this is going to be overwhelming af. And I found as I tried to play along I’d get like every third change up or something and never quite got the strum pattern right. So I put it into a Google doc and started breaking down her chord pattern in something I could play a lot slower.

Here’s my ongoing doc: docs.google.com/document/d/11yswTad8Av78vO0qVJ77vJBG-yjHPTIcOoj3SNysohs/edit?usp=sharing

I left the primary chord changes outside of parentheses and put the fancier wanky things in parentheses. If you know the basic song (here’s a link to the original Python version: youtu.be/hkkjzmuEBbo) you can kind of stumble along accompanying yourself with the primary chords. Some of those primaries, I’ve already shown tab form in previous posts.

Regarding the wanky bits, I have this trick that seems to work for me where I get the chord diagrams and make a desktop image of them. So every time I open my computer, I’m reminded to try to play through the unfamiliar chords.


I have my desktop set to center the image with a white background and it looks okay to me.

I didn’t bother creating diagrams for C and F. I’m assuming you already know those chords. If not here’s a refresher:

  C        F
|-3-| |-0-|
|-0-| |-1-|
|-0-| |-0-|
|-0-| |-2-|

Finally, forever in my bookmarks and hopefully yours too: ukebuddy.com.

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